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  1. What Am I Up To These Days? Biking, Exercising & Ironman


    All this time, I’ve been up and down. On a diet, off a diet, trying to do a juice fast & trying to exercise. The biggest accomplishment that I have reached is that I have replaced my breakfast and lunch with healthy choices. Slowly, over time, I’ve replaced my breakfast with fruits and nuts, and… read more »

  2. Which Potato Would You Rather Eat?


    This girl did an awesome job showing the difference in organic vs traditional vegetables. You’ve gotta watch this video and give her props.

  3. Why You Should Eat a Healthy Breakfast


    Breakfast is the most important meal in your daily life routine. It prepares you for all the energy demands that you will encounter for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, a lot of people undermine the value of a good breakfast. They miss this significant meal and think that having a heavy lunch could well-compensate… read more »

  4. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Taking Weight Loss Pills


    In accordance with the statistical data of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about 17% of people in the age range of 12-19 are considered obese. This means that about 12.5 million children and adolescents in America are at the high risk of chronic diseases and health complications. Overall, more than 60% of Americans… read more »

  5. The Recent Challenges in Obamacare


    Spokane, Washington – November 24th 2013 – Obamacare has started rolling its health plans across the country to implement its goal; to insure the 48 million uninsured  American. But despite the efforts of the administration to make it more favorable to the citizen, criticism still pursues as there are a lot of trade-offs connected to… read more »

  6. The Most Common Food Allergies and their Immediate Natural Treatments


    Food is one of the most interesting aspects of life. We love feeding ourselves with different cuisines and delicacies that suit our taste buds. But just like any other aspect of life, food has its own limitations. Its diversity leads into complications for some people that could worsen into irritations and life-threatening situations.  Hives, swelling,… read more »

  7. The Latest Challenges of Health Policies under Obamacare


    Obamacare is probably the most sensational legal reform of the year. With the alleged cancellation of thousands of health insurance plans across many different states, it created a nationwide stir, bouncing up criticisms on the real agenda behind the act. As Obamacare trudges its selfless goal of making sure that all Americans are insured by… read more »

  8. How to Properly Store Fruits and Vegetables


    We all love storing food and keeping them for a longer time. Refrigerators are comfortable extensions to the life of our kitchen and we just love seeing them filled with stocked food that could last for a month of supply. In this respect, we tend to just put all the things that we purchased from… read more »

  9. How Often Should You Take Eye Exams


    A lot of scientists and health experts claim that our eyes are not just the windows to our souls, but also to our health. Our eyes reflect the overall look to our general state of health. This is also the same reason why when we get sick, our eyes seem to look pale and tired…. read more »

  10. How to Deal with Common Cold Naturally

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    Winter has dawned and the weather is getting colder. And one of the remarkable body reactions to such occurrence is common cold. As what the name implies, catching a cold is very common in these instances. It’s not just the general chill of the weather. We’re talking about the annoying cold with cough and flu…. read more »

  11. The Best Foods for your Brain


    It’s completely undeniable that as we age older, the performance of our bodies also rustle up. This is why people in their 40s and above easily get sick, tired, and susceptible to diseases due to our bodies’ inability to function the way they are back in time, when  the immune system is strong enough to… read more »

  12. Why Children Need a Good Night Sleep

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    Sleeping is something that everyone needs regardless age, condition and other factors of individuality. It’s the best way for us to rest, regain some strength and allow our bodies to maximize body processes and metabolism Given that, we all crave to have a sound sleep every day without the worries of tomorrow. But of all… read more »

  13. Support GMO Food Labeling, Say “Yes to i-522!”


    Do you believe that anything in this world has its own purpose? That each single weed, microorganism and other matters exist to maintain the balance of nature? If you do so, then do you believe that the quest of humanity to improve our quality of living also improves the balance of nature that we’re talking… read more »

  14. The Story of a Food Thermometer

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    Each one of us is concerned enough with our health. As a result, we find ways and keep ourselves updated as to what would be good and bad for ourselves and our families. We tend to avoid those that incorporate GMOs in their ingredients, as well as those that have harmful preservatives and excessive amounts… read more »

  15. Do You Sweat Too Much?

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    Everybody loves a good workout. Not only does it aid in maintaining a physically fit body, it also helps in strengthening our immune system and releasing some toxins through our sweating. And it feels really good when you’ve finished a workout routine. It feels like releasing a handful of stress, especially when you’ve sweat it… read more »

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