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Day 2: Lunch – Raw Italian Salad

by Valik Rudd


Wow, I’ve never looked forward to a salad lunch so much before. While hanging out at Greenbluff, picking apples and peaches, the hunger creeped up on us real fast, it was a good thing I stocked up on some nuts and dried dates that we could munch on. When we finally got home, I was time for lunch. This was based on an Italian salad recipe from the Raw Food book, but I only used that as a guide. I added the veggies we had and some olives and capers for the salty contrast, which turned out to be the best! Also, after picking fresh and ripe peaches this morning, right of the trees, we had pieces of them on top of the salad ad a hint of sweetness. This was probably the best salad that I’ve ever had.


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