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Day 8: How I Lose Weight Juicing – My Stats

by Valik Rudd





This is day 8 of my juice fast, well actually it has actually been the preparation for the juice fast. I’ve been eating only raw vegetables and fruits for the last 8 days. As I went through this preparation my body did not freak out as I thought it would. There were a few days that were hard but it’s not because I was craving anything, it was because I really got tired of all the salads. Wanted something else but nothing in particular. The hunger pains were annoying too and so I wanted to throw something in there but had nothing but same ol stuff. As my body got rid of all the sugar and carbs addiction it has become easier and actually now it has become quiet normal.

Let’s See If I Did Lose Weight Juicing This Past Week

Here are my stats:

Date: 09/17/2011
Weight: 273lb
BP: 126/78
Chest: 45″
Gut: 48″
Pants: 44″
Real Age: 33
Feels Like Age: 48

Last time when I weighed my self I was 278lb and today I am 273lb. That is a weight loss of 5lb. Not bad! Now I know that like with any diet, the weightloss pauses after a few days and that is the time when most people fall of the wagon. I am determined to not do that, in fact I am looking forward to that day or days, because I know once I am over that, I will start to lose weight. That is pretty exciting to me. What is more exciting is that I am determined to reach my goal this time. Nothing will stop me from reaching it. Why? I do not know, I just know that my body is no longer in control of this, in my mind I know I will and that is why I will. I think that the raw fast really cleans out the toxins out of your body to where you start to again be in control of your body instead of it driving you.





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