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Score! Champion Juicer Test Drive

by Valik Rudd



Just as I was in the middle of crying about the disappointment with the Healthy Juicer, I thought I’d check craigslist to see if there was any cheap juicers for sale. I couldn’t believe it when I saw a Champion Juicer listed for $89. I called the number listed right away and shot over to take a look at it as fast as I could. Well it actually wasn’t as fast as I made you think it was.. we had to get the kids ready and the little one was in the middle of her nap so we had to wake her up. We all got in the car and drove downtown, that is where the nice gentleman lives that was selling the juicer, but before we got there I needed to pick up some cash from the bank. So this soaring race actually took us about half an hour.

I looked at the juicer and turned it on to hear and see how it works and I could hear the quality of the motor… just purring with a deep motor sound. These older appliances that were made to last last for ever…because their parts were not designed to be as cheap as possible to produce, they were designed to last for ever. Now-a-days the parts are computer designed to be just good enough to pass for what they claim it does. Not all products of course but a lot of main-stream popular ones are. It is hard to find good quality stuff anymore.

We brought the nice juicer home and gave it a test run. I made a juice from some carrots, spinach and apples. I also added just a small piece of ginger in there. The juicer worked amazingly and squeezed out every last drop from the produce.

Tomorrow, the juice fast starts. Excited and a little scarred, that I won’t last as long as I want to…But then I look back at the last 8 days, it’s been hard here and there but I just take it one meal a day. When I am hungry, I eat, no longer do I need to go and munch on something just cause I am borred. Hope this 8 day raw start will help me ease into the fast a little smoother.


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