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Day 8: Juice Fast Diary – Snack – Watermelon Pineapple Juice

by Valik Rudd



Just as I was getting ready to make a juice for a “snack”, my brother in-law brought us 10 watermelons. His friend and him picked them at a farm somewhere. They were giving them away after harvest. He actually does this every year. Last year he brought us a bunch of them too.

First Official Juice of the Juice Fast

What a perfect time to make a watermelon pineapple juice! I used a whole watermelon and a whole pineapple and juiced it to make a gallon of juice. This juice smells so good! Even after washing my hands, they still smell like pineapple. So that was the end of Day 8, I only had 1 meal, which was a salad, for lunch. Breakfast was a smoothie and dinner was a juice. Good segway into straight juicing.


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