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Day 9: Juice Fast Diary – Breakfast – Watermelon Pineapple Juice

by Valik Rudd



First of all, sorry for the sound in some parts of the video. I accidentally was covering the microphone with my finger.

This is day 9 of the project and day 1 of the actual juice fast. I am excited to say that today is the first day of straight juicing. No solid food for… um… not sure how many days, just vegetable and fruit juices. The goal is 40 but then I want to go longer so we’ll see how it goes.

Juice Fast Breakfast

For breakfast I am just having the watermelon pineapple juice from last night. We still have a half a gallon left of it. Hope the family will drink most of it for breakfast.

I can see that my body is not liking this as I see it trying to hold on to the pounds. I have not lost anything for the last 3 days. You would think it was discouraging but it is not that bad, I know the goal and I know I will reach it. There is no rush for it so I just take it day by day. I believe I am over the hump already so it is not that hard. There is not really any food cravings and if I get hungry, I know what to do…grab a juice.


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