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Day 10: Juicing Weight Loss Boost

by Valik Rudd



Exercising is great but when you are juicing, weight loss practically melts off. When you take in only 1000 or so calories per day, and all from juice your body is already using up the stored fat for energy but when you boost your energy usage, the pounds fall off a lot faster. The first day of my juicing, I went on a brisk walk to exercise and today I decided to stay in and use an exercise DVD I had borrowed from a friend but it ended up being too scratched so I couldn’t use it. I was pumped for some exercise so I started looking online to fond some exercising videos. After a few flops I found this awesome workout trainer,¬†Kendell Hogan, I like his style of exercise, it’s not too girly, lol. I actually bought a set of 3 videos for only $2.99. One is a 10 minute workout that I actually used. I ran through it 3 times giving me a 30 minute cardio exercise. Then there is another 10 minute workout and a 30 minute one that I have not done yet.

This nice simple exercise made me sweat as much as my 1hour walk did so I feel like it is an excellent alternative. I’ll be doing these every day to boost my juicing weight loss. After exercising I feel so fresh and healthy, it’s awesome!

If you are interested in seeing other Kendell’s exercise videos, you can see them here:¬†Exercise TV Trainer, Kendell Hogan. The one I bought is this:¬†Maximum Bootcamp Burn with Kendell Hogan


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