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Day 11: Juice Fast – Late Lunch & Dinner – Bruschetta Juice

by Valik Rudd


Trying something new on this video. The quality of the video made with my iPhone is not so good, yes, I still have the 3GS, and the vertical mode is kinda weird. So on this video we’re using a different camera, my simple Canon PowerShot. The video looks a lot better and I can do separate clips and them put them together in iMovie, so that’s nice. Yes, an extra step, but the quality is worth it. Plus I get to add cool title and credits clips! That almost makes me a pro! Ok, I know, getting a little ahead of my self there. Ok, ok, back to the topic…

Bruschetta Juice

So here I read a recipe last night, on Joe’s Facebook Page, for a bruschetta juice and it sounded awesome so I decided to give it a whack today. I’m using some tomatoes, celery, some cilantro and parsley, a few leaves of basil and a couple of cloves of garlic. I also added some balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper to taste. This is some massive juice, it is very potent, sweet and spicy. Gets you right in the throat after a few big gulps. I had to add a bit of water to dilute it.

This was my late lunch. Later for dinner I had another glass of it and a half of glass of the carrot & greens juice from breakfast. Now going to go do some juicing weight loss cardio exercising for a half an hour. That will follow with a nice apple juice. I’ll add a video about that later. Day 11 almost done, only 49 to go! Have a good one!


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