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Day 9: Juice Fast Exercise Helps A Lot

by Valik Rudd



As I was in the middle of my fast-walk I smelled a pleasant aroma coming from the Carls Jr. I was passing by and I noticed my attitude toward that as something I have never seen before. As I breathed in a deep breath of this aroma, I told my self, “You can’t have any!” with an attitude. lol. I would expect the old me to be like, “Oh man, that smells so good! Wish I could have some right now”, or other jazz like that, crying about it. Here I was telling my self to basically shut up with an attitude.

My Juice Fast Exercise

Anyway, so yeah, I decided to add exercise to the project. I figure if I take in a little calories and then go and burn some of them, it should help the weight loss that much more.


The walk was suppose to be a half hour 1 mile walk, or so, but as I got into it and walked about 20 minutes I thought why not walk all the way to Sullivan street. That would be some serious burning and that is what I am trying to do, so I figure if I am doing this thing, I’m going to do it to the max. One thing I was a bit afraid of is that by the time I get to Sullivan, I will be so weak that I will have to call my wifey to come and pick me up, lol. So with that thought put away I kept pressing on, walking fast, burning as much energy as I could. I didn’t attempt to run as from my previous experience, something is going on with my shins that they start hurting so bad that I can’t even stand up, so I didn’t want that to sabotage my exercise.

So I continued and walked all the way to Sullivan, turned around and kept walking back. I noticed that having some good rhythmic music helps you press on. One thing I was a bit surprised about was that after this hard walking exercise I didn’t run out of energy. I did get a blister on each of my feet though. The juice I had right before lasted nicely. Once I gat back home I looked at the stats on my pedometer and it was pretty nice. I was very happy with the stats.

I walked 3.4 miles.
My top speed was 5mph
I walked 2379 steps
Burned 221.4 calories

That is equivalent to one glass of juice, lol. I thought I’d burned all the juice from the day but hey, even one glass is something.

I am looking forward to continuing the exercising to supplement the fast and maximize the weight loss. Not sure if I’ll do this walk again though, I have some other ideas brewing in my mind I’ll tell you about next time.


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