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Day 11: Juice Fast – Dinner & Pizza

by Valik Rudd


NO, no don’t worry I didn’t have any pizza. The kids actually have been eating really good these last 11 days and today we decided to get them a treat. We asked them what they would like to have, donut, burger, pizza, and they all together yelled out “peperoni pizza!”. So we drove down to PizzaHut and got them a medium one. I can not describe how good it smelled while we were driving in the car. Plus I was really hungry because I didn’t drink any juice before heading out to do some running around town. I just wasn’t hungry when we left but about half hour into it, I really got hungry. It’s cool though, I was strong, focusing on the goal. I knew I wasn’t going to have any of it so I wasn’t even letting a thought sneak into my mind.

Instead of the pizza, I made my wifey and me a nice apple juice and that was our dinner. It was really tasty and really sweet so I had to add some water in it to dilute it a bit. After dinner the kids and I did our cardio exercises for 30 minutes. I don’t know why but all this moving makes me sweat so much, lol. I am getting used to the moves in the video, and doing the same 10-minute video 3 times helps a lot. I am using the cardio exercises video from Exercise TV with coach Kendell Hogan to boost my juicing weight loss. I like his moves, they are easy to mimic and they really get your heart pumping.

After the exercises I just had some water, didn’t want to add any more calories in there. Awesome Day 11, looking forward to the results!


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