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Hello, I am Valik and I'm just a computer geek that's been working a desk job for the last 20 years and all the Ho Hos have got the best of me, now it's time to turn back and take back my health. read more »
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Day 14: Juice Fasting

by Valik Rudd


This is day 14 of the entire project and day 6 of juice-only. I had 4 glasses of juice and did 30 minutes of cardio exercises. For some reason the last 10 minutes of the cardio my heart started racing too fast and so I had to lay off and go slower. I kept marching and doing the routines a little lighter. Got through the entire 30 minutes and was sweating hard. Good exercise! Now I know tomorrow I will probably not lose any weight because of this. Hope I will but not expecting it. I know that it’s just superficial and that it’s all going toward the main goal overall. I really should only be weighing my self once a week, but I am impatient, so have to do it every morning. Tomorrow is the big weigh in so looking forward to it, to see how many inches I’ve lost.


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