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Day 15: My Stats

by Valik Rudd


Here are some comparisons. Not much change yet but still wanted to post them for comparison.

This week went by pretty fast, the only thing that I have noticed is that my weight loss has slowed down a bit. The hunger is normal, nothing worth noting. Cravings are not bad either, a little here and there but I’ve noticed that inside, I do not have these almost uncontrollable urges for, well, anything really. I used to have to have sweets on regular basis, my body was addicted to it. I would dig through the kitchen looking for some cookies or candy bars or something crunchy and sweet. When we did not have anything in the house that was crunchy and sweet I would stuff my self with other sweet things but they would not be satisfying and I would end up eating way too much of it without any satisfaction. It was like a block, I would be working and then that’s it, can’t continue, my brain would not work, it needed sugar.

Now, this past week I worked through without any of those episodes at all. Even when I am hungry and think about food, it is not those crazy cravings, they are very controllable now. I just tell my self, “self, let’s just have some of this wonderful juice instead” and self would say “okie-dokie”.

Let’s See If I Did Lose Weight Juicing This Past Week

Here are my stats:
Date: 09/24/2011
Weight: 265 lb
BP: 129/81
Chest: 45″
Gut: 47″
Pants: 43″
Real Age: 33
Feels Like Age: 48

Last time I weighed my self I was 273 lb and today I am 265 lb that is a 8 pound loss for the week. Wow, I thought I lost less than that. Nice! I had a couple of pauses in weight loss this week when I did cardio exercises (Juicing Weight Loss Boost). I heard that this happens because when you exercise, the muscles are enflamed and they retain water. So once they heal, the water leaves and those stored pounds leave with it. Looking forward to the next week! Keep on juicing!!


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