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Day 17: Juice Fasting

by Valik Rudd


This is project day number 17 and juicing day 9. It was a pretty regular day for the most part… just juicing away. I have not been able to lose any weight since Friday (this is Monday). I’ve been stuck at 265. Not sure why…thinking maybe it is all the walking I’ve been doing…maybe not enough water, or not enough juice… not sure.

For lunch, I tried to recreate that juice I had at Jamba Juice called Berry upBEET. I looked up the ingredients on the website and luckily I had most of them handy. It turned out pretty good, I did add to much ice to it though so it wasn’t as sweet. I liked it though.

Today I took a nice 50 minute walk around the neighborhood. Had my pedometer on so here are the stats:

Time: 50 minutes
Steps: 2859
Top Speed: 4.17 mph
Distance: 2.6 miles
Calories Burned: 207

I am not sure about the top speed though… it didn’t seem like I was going that fast but I was walking as fast as I could without starting to jog. Doesn’t really matter.


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