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Day 18: Juice Fasting

by Valik Rudd


After 5 days of no weight loss at all, today I was going to take is slow… no exercising, no salty stuff (celery), less sweet juices and drink lots and lots of water. I did not have any pure fruit juices, only in mix with a bunch of vegetables. You’re suppose to have 64 oz of water a day so I was trying to get close to that. I must have chugged down 3 16 oz bottles of water so that only got me to 48 oz but that is still good in addition to the juices which there was 4, about 12 oz each. All this drinking made me visit the little boys room about every 30 minutes to an hour in the afternoon… all the way till dinner. I went probably about 6 times… which is very uncommon for me. I usually last all day before I have to go. Anyway, enough about that.


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