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Day 19: Juice Fasting & Green Matcha Tea Benefits

by Valik Rudd


After having the meaner version of the “Mean Green” in the morning, I had some left over juice from yesterday for lunch and made some new veggie and apple juice a little later. Dinner was a half and half juice – half vegetables, half fruits.

In the video above I talk about the green matcha tea benefits and how it is awesome for boosting your energy durring the day without the nasty crashes after a spike. This tea actually keeps the energy level for about 6 to 8 hours steadily.

Aah, also, I am happy to say that my weight loss is back on track again. Lost another 3 pounds this morning. That takes me down to 262 lb, which is a total loss of 16 pounds in 19 days. I am very happy about this.


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