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Day 20: Juice Fasting & Vegetable Broth

by Valik Rudd


It is day 20!! Well it is actually day 12 of juicing but I started counting from day one of going RAW-Food only. Today we did another dose of the gross juice first thing in the morning. The celery-spirulina juice. YUCK!! Like I said before, I know that both of those ingredients are full of nutrients and stuff that is super good for my body, but I can’t stand them in my juices so I figured I would batch them and get them taken care of in the morning.

For lunch we had a 100% vegetables juice which was really good. I was real happy to make it 100% vegetables. Later in the day we had to go out and do a bunch of running around so I made some nice orange and other fruits juice blended with ice. This kept me thorough dinner pretty well.

In the evening, I really didn’t feel like having any juices but really wanted something warm…a broth. So I took the veggies I had in the refrigerator and boiled them with some vegetable stock concentrate I had around. This made and amazing broth. I did worry about the salt though, because any time I add salt to my diet, my weight loss seems to slow down because the body retains water. Still, it was worth it, the broth was amazing!


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