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Day 21: Juice Fasting & Date Night at Orange Julius

by Valik Rudd


It’s Friday and tonight Jenni and I are going on a date. But before that, we had some nice juices today. For breakfast we had the leftover Orange Plus juice from yesterday, but I added some greens and stuff to it to make more because there was not enough for the both of us. Then for lunch I made a nice 100% vegetable juice again and this was really good. It’s actually becoming a hit here at the Rudd’s household. I think we’ll be having it on regular basis, which would make it pretty nice for “menu planning” and shopping.

As we tried to figure out where to go out for our date there were not too many choices so we decided to check out the Jamba Juice that was suppose to be on the North side of town, close to Grandma’s house which is where the kids were going to be hanging out while we are out. Going by vague coordinates and instructions, we lined the parking lot of the shopping area where we thought it was suppose to be but we could not find it. Hungry, with all these BBQ smells emanating from all the restaurants around us, we run. We drive away and think where else can we go. Mile after mile with some less-than-ideal ideas popping up, we get close to the NorthTown Mall. I didn’t want to drive any further and decided that we are going to go check out OrangeJulius.

At OrangeJulius, most of their drinks are laced with “natural sweeteners” and/or yoghurt and we don’t want any of that so we asked for an ingredients chart for their drinks and found that there was one, called Raspberry Crush, that was very simple and did not contain any of those things, in fact it only has Orange juice, Raspberries, a Banana and ice. It was perfect, we had 2 large ones.

Turns out these drinks were too sweet so we only each had half of our cups and had to run to a store and buy some water to chug on top of all that sugar. It was a sad, date-night Friday. But it’s alright, it’s a brief sacrifice that is worth every minute.


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