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Day 22: Lose Weight Juicing – My Stats

by Valik Rudd


Last week I didn’t see to much change but this week I am starting to see it. This is pretty exciting! Overall, the juicing is a bit hard, especially on weekends when everyone around us is eating. Weekdays are pretty easy because I am busy working all day. Seeing the results like these really does encourage me and helps me press on.

Here are the comparison between when I started and now 3 weeks later.

Let’s See If I Did Lose Weight Juicing This Past Week

Here are my stats:

Date: 10/01/2011
Weight: 259 lb
BP: 125/77
Chest: 45″
Gut: 46″
Pants: 43″
Real Age: 33
Feels Like Age: 48

Looks like I have lost a total of 19 pounds in 22 days, which is pretty impressive. I was 278 pounds when I started the project and today I am 259. I lost 3 inches in my chest area, 4 inches in the gut area, 1 inch in the pants size and my blood pressure went from 139/79 down to 125/77. Amazing results! This is by far the best diet/weight loss program I have ever came across. Quick results while your body gets a boost of micronutrients. The key of course is what you do after the fast is over… you can blow back up real quick if you are not careful. This is why having a plan for after wards is so crucial. It’s not that you can never have junk food again, it’s that you regular meals and life style needs to change for the better. It is ok to have what you crave some times, just don;t let it become “regular”. Those snacks and junk food patterns is what ruins it, so make them rare. My plan is to have juices for breakfasts, raw food for lunch and then regular (health conscious) dinner. I know I will miss pancakes for breakfast but that is why I will be able to have those on sundays or saturdays… All about getting the “regular”, day-to-day to a healthy level. Ok, over now. Till next check in.



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