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Day 25: Juice Fasting & Kale Juice Shots

by Valik Rudd


Yep, another round of kale juice shots this morning, except this time we also added celery and spirulina to it to give it a little kick. Hey, I know this stuff is really good for my health but I just can’t stand the taste of them in my juice so I have to batch it and chug it all at once. I must say, it was disgusting but I can do it… After the shots I had some pure carrot juice to sip on to cover up the toilet taste of spirulina in my mouth.

Favorite Juice Alert:

For lunch we had a nice greens and beet juice. I was going to add a lemon to it too but the juice ended up sour enough from the green apples. I thought they would sweeten the juice up but they didn’t, not as much as I expected anyway. This was a good healthy juice. I can see it be featured a few more times and maybe even on regular basis.

Favorite Juice Alert:

Dinner was a treat, I made a Apples & Greens wannabe juice that I stole the recipe to from Jamba Juice. Well actually they have the ingredients there right on their website so it fair game. I tried this juice at Jamba Juice on Sunday and really liked it. The one I made here though was a bit more vegetableee…. because I dont think they put much veggie juice in theirs. It was pretty delicious though, so I might make it again too.

After dinner we had some vegetable broth that we’ve been looking forward to all day. It’s been a treat for us. I have noticed though that when I have the broth my weight loss halts because of the salt in it. So I am going to lay off of it for a few days to get my body to let go of some of that water again.

Ok, my juicing friends and friends that only dream about doing this, have a goon day/night and I will talk to you tomorrow. Hey, if you are thinking about doing this, it is surprisingly not as hard as being on a regular diet, because you get faster results that motivate you. You should try it… for 10 days. After 10 days you will most likely decide that you can go longer.

Ok that’s it, lateroony.


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