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Day 27: Juice Fasting & New Word For You, Frisée!

by Valik Rudd


Today was my first appointment to getting my front tooth back. They replaced my mercury fillings in the back teeth with white composite ones and fixed everything at the top of my mouth to prepare it for the partial. The dentist clinic that I was in just amazes me, they go above and beyond to take care of their patient. To the point of sticking a pillow under my knees and covering me with a blanket. After the work, they massaged my face to soothe the muscles after keeping my mouth open for so long. Not to mention the amazing, work-of-art, they did on my fillings. They sculpted the fillings so they look just like teeth with contours and all. No dentist has done that before on my teeth, they just slap some filling material in there, smooth it out (if that) and send you on your way. Anyway, this is Dr. Simmons on West Indiana in Spokane, if anyone wanted to know.

Back to juices… For breakfast we had what is turning out to be our favorite base juice, Mixed Greens, Carrots and Apples. Today we worked on perfecting this recipe and I think by the end of the day we have goten it down.

Lunch, or Juice #2 was just a carrot juice from JambaJuice. Somthing was a mock with it, or maybe I was a bit sick from the anesthetic form the dental appointment, I am not sure, but I felt like puking for a little bit.

Juice #3 was again the Greens, Carrots and Apples base, but this time we also added a Beet, some Romaine and a leaf of Kale. We are really liking this juice so we’ll be building on it to make it more nutritious and still stay nice and palatable. We also find out what is in our mixed greens. A new lettuce we discover is called Frisée. And imagine that, all I had to do is look at the ingredients.

Favorite Juice Alert

Juice #4 yet again, the famous base juice, Greens, Carrots and Apples. This time we used less apples as the last one was too sweet. I want to cut out the sweetness as far as we can so it is still there to sweeten the juice up but not any more than that. Do that while increasing the greens quantities.

Good day, looking forward to our juicing day 20, which is tomorrow! Until then!


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