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Day 28: Juice Fasting – Perfecting Our “Nice Green” Juice Recipe

by Valik Rudd


Not sure what to name this one but we have found the juice we like that is nice an nutritious while still tasting good. It took us a couple of days to perfect the recipe but by the end of today I think we have a winner. We also have a variation for it for lunch when we include a beet, replacing an apple which keeps the flavor a bit less sweet but still very good.

Favorite Juice Alert

The juice I am talking about includes Mixed Greens, Carrots and an Apple, we call it the “Nice Green” juice. Here is the recipe:

1 lb – Mixed Leafy Greens
6 – Large Carrots
1 – Apple

For lunch we do:

1 lb – Mixed Leafy Greens
7 – Large Carrots
1 – Medium Beet

Juice #1 was basically the one above except we didn’t have the recipe yet, we were just winging it still. It came out pretty good and after that for Juice #2 we wanted to try without an apple and see if there would still be enough sweetness from the carrots. It was good too I thought but Jenni thought it needed a bit more sweetness so that is why the beet version has an extra carrot in it.

Juice #3 was a bit off course because I just wanted somethign different and just didn’t feel like having a veggie juice. I made an Apple, Orange, Carrot and Kale juice. It was pretty good. Jenni had just a straight carrot juice.

Juice #4 was basically a snack… I was a bit week after going shopping to Costco and smelling and seeing all those samples they were giving out. The kids were all over them but we couldn’t have any… I came home super hungry and so this was the result, lol. Apples, Banana and Raspberries – juice/smoothie. Jenni was stronger though… she had just straight apple juice. She’s a trooper. Ok, till next time.


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