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Day 29: Juice Fasting – Surviving Through Cake & Cookies

by Valik Rudd


This was a bit hard to sit through while everyone is eating my favorite cake… We had Jenni’s brother Dennis and his wife Marina visit us for tea and cake. He lives in Seattle and was visiting for a couple of nights in Spokane so it was awesome to have them over. We couldn’t invite them for dinner because, well, we are on a juice fast. We did make a juice for them to try, lol. We also might have convinced them to try doing the fast too… but I don’t know… So while they had the cake, we just sipped on tea and a bit of honey.

Before that though, for breakfast we had out famous “Nice Green” juice… the mixed greens, carrots and apple one. It was perfect I thought, so I think we have the recipe pretty much there.

For juice #2 we did the same but we tweaked it to add a beet to it. We removed 2 carrots and added a second apple to add sweetness because Jenni does not really like the taste of beets. The apple flavor covers it enough so she can drink it ok.

Juice #3 was a fruit juice plus some carrots, it included carrots, apples, raspberries and a banana. It was really good and juice #4 was kinda missing today as we had guests over but we did make the Nice Green and had them taste it. I think they did drink it… not sure about whether they liked it or not.

I am working on this week’s Stats video so it should be coming up soon. Chat later.


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