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Day 29: Lose Weight Juicing – My Stats – Weight Loss Before & After

by Valik Rudd


It is week 4 and time to weigh in. After looking at the before and after pictures I am still net too happy. Yeah, I can see the difference in my neck area and my legs… my arms got skinier but the main area where I am waiting to see some serious results is my belly. I see that it is shrinking and feel it in the clothes I wear but I am still not very excited… waiting until I reach my lowest weight that I’ve been durring the last 10 years which is 243 pounds. I must say, it is very close to reality already… I can even speculate that I should reach it within two weeks. So I keep at it… keep pressing on, or I should say, keep juicing on. So let’s take a look at my results.

Here are some of my weight loss before & after pictures – the 4 week mark.

Let’s See If I Did Lose Weight Juicing This Past Week

Here are my stats:

Date: 10/09/2011
Weight: 254 lb
BP: 123/77
Chest: 45″
Gut: 46″
Pants: 42″
Real Age: 33
Feels Like Age: 46

This makes it a total loss of 24 pounds in 29 days. My blood pressure has now been perfect for the last 2 weeks, going from 139/79 down to 123/77. I have lost 3 inches in my chest ares, 4 inches in my waist and 2 inches in my pants size. Very good results! I am looking forward to the results I will see at the end of this little project and am excited about taking it further after that. My plan is to stay on raw for as long as it takes to take me down to my ultimate goal of 190ish.


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