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Day 30: Juice Fasting – Sundays Are Hard

by Valik Rudd


As always, Sundays are hard… Jenni’s brother is in town visiting so the family got together and had a feast. Jenni, her sister and I were just sipping on juice through all that good food. It was not easy… smelling the beautiful rotisserie chicken as they bit into it and then after that all the pastries.

Two or so hours of agony were over and as we drove home and Jenni went to tell me, “honey, drink your juice” and she was about to tell me that the hard part was over as there are no more good food around that would tempt me, a huge truck rolls by with a enormous cheese panini photo on the side of it… I am serious, I thought I actually smelled and tasted it as I stared at it.

Today we only had the famous “Nice Green” juice all day. In the evening we had some friends over for some tea and I had tea with a little bit of honey. Overall, I think I didn’t have enough juices and water today… Will try again tomorrow. Chat later.


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