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Day 31: Juice Fasting – Not Mean Green juice, “Nice Green” Juice!

by Valik Rudd


The name “Nice Green” came from the famous Mean Green juice that Joe Cross was drinking durring his 60 day juice fast in the documentary “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead“. I really recommend watching this for those that need weight loss inspiration. Nothing inspired me before as much as this film did.

So what’s in this “Nice Green” juice? Very simple, 1 pound of mixed leafy greens, 5 carrots and 2 green apples. That’s it. This juice tastes good and is super loaded with all kinds of nutrients and vitamins that will heal your body.

Today’s juice #1 was the Nice Green juice. Although I said in the video that we might try using just one apple next time… I don’t think it is needed. We will try it tomorrow though.

Juice #2 was the same Nice Green but we added a beet to it. We like to add a beet to our juice for lunch. Beets are super good for you, read this: Beets Nutrients and Benefits.

Juice #3 was something different, I did a straight carrot juice for Jenni and a carrot, celery and kale juice for my self. It was ok… I can do this. I think what made juices with celery in them horrible before is that I tried to make them salty. Added salt to the juice or made the juice without anything sweet in it. Adding an apple or two, or carrots adds the sweetness that makes the juice a lot more pleasant.

Juice #4 was just a straight carrot juice. This was a nice finish to the day, as this is a nice finish to this blog post. See you tomorrow and have a nice day/night.


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