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Day 32: Juice Fasting – How To Juice A Pineapple

by Valik Rudd


It’s about time I got a haircut. As you will notice in the video, one minute I have a huge forrest on my head and the next a nice manicured lawn. I think it’s been a month since I got my last haircut, just before we started this project. Today we had our Nice Green juice a few times and as we go through the day, it gets more relaxed each time. In the evening I break down and have a 100% fruit juice.

How To Juice A Pineapple

Let me tell you how to juice your pineapple. I know it is not very complicated but if you see it done ahead of time you will be going into it with experience.

First you lay your pineapple down on it’s side onto a cutting board and using a large, sharp knife start cutting 1 inch wheels off of it starting from the bottom of the pineapple. Hold on to the pineapple with your other hand by the leafy thing sticking out of the top of it.

Once you have the wheels you need to cut off the rough skin stuff. I just lay one wheel down flat and cut the skin off as thin as I can to leave as much pineapple on but take the skin off. Watch the video for the illustration. Just go around the wheel and cut off the skin one section at a time. Then do the same to the rest of the wheels.

Now take all the skinned pineapple wheels and cut them into 1 inch wide strips, you should get about 3 to 4 pieces from each wheel. Do that to all the wheels and you have your pineapple ready for juicing.

Now Back To My Day 32

Juice #1 is our Nice Green juice containing 1 pound of mixed greens, 4 carrots and 2 green apples. It is a good one to start the day with. As the day goes on, you will see that it gets old.

Juice #2 is a variation of the same Nice Green juice. We add a beet and remove 1 carrot. I did replace the green apples with a couple of sweet Gala apples to help cover up the beet taste.

Juice #3 is when I had enough and could not take any more of the lawn flavor and needed to cover it up with something so I removed the carrots and replaced them with apples. So 4 apples in this one to a pound of mixed greens. I can’t get rid of the greens so the carrots had to go.

Juice #4 is when it all came crashing down. I decided to just have all fruit juice… No greens or any kind of vegetables in this one, just pure fruits… And let me tell you, it was soo good! A little too sweet but soo good. I had one glass of it and didn’t want to pollute my body with more sugar. Watch the video above to see how I prep the pineapple for juicing… it is a very interesting technique. 😛

Ok, talk to you tomorrow!


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