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Day 33: Juice Fasting – Exciting Juices, Plus My Mean Green Juice Recipe

by Valik Rudd


My video skills are at their peak right now, so make sure to watch the video above! What’s there to say, just another day of exciting juices, but one thing that is different is that today, I actually went and made Mean Green! I’ll give you my own Mean Green juice recipe, it is not standard but it is mean green nonetheless.

Mean Green Recipe

I give you my version of the Mean Green juice recipe! Take notes as once it is gone, it is gone for ever…

1/2 pound of mixed greens
2 stalks of celery
1/2 cucumber
1 green apple
1 inch long piece of ginger

BAM! There you have it. Did you write it down?

Ok back to my regularly borring day of juicing. You know, I’ll tell you a secret, it is actually never borring when it comes to juice fasting…. every single juice, no matter how borring it is, it sucks one of two strong feelings out of you, it is either extreme pleasure from the beautiful, taste-bud-pleasing fruit juices or a severe vomit generating, gut cramping, I’d-rather-die-than-drink-another-one-of-these-juices feelings from the compost of various vegetables-plus-an-apple juices. So no, it is never borring actually.

Juice #1 was the famous Mean Green juice, the recipe is above so I won’t waste trees writing it down here again… (maybe you were going to print this, I don’t know)..

Juice #2 was our regular Nice Green Plus Beet juice. A pound of mixed greens, 2 carrots, 1 beet and 2 apples. Yep pretty simple.

Juice #3 was a dumbed down version of our Nice Green as we ran out of carrots. We used a pound of mixed greens and 3 apples. Super simple.

Juice #4 was more of a whatever-we-have-in-the-refrigerator juice. Half pound of mixed greens, 2 kale leafs, an apple and a half of pineapple. This one was pretty good!

That’s it for day 33. I really hope you had time to watch the video above, It is a work of art, I put in all the video skills I had into this one.

Have a good one everybody…. i know it’s just you but I am pretending that I have millions of viewers! 🙂


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