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Day 34: Juice Fasting – Mean Green X 2!

by Valik Rudd


The gap in my teeth will soon be gone and my talking mouth restored back to normal. Today, I had my first fitting for the partial and it was pretty exciting to see how I will look with my tooth back. The shade of the tooth was just a little bit off so we decided to send it back and see if they can match it a little better. Next Tuesday is when I get to go and try it again.

It was a weird juicing day today… I had a Mean Green for breakfast and then Juice #2 but for Juice #3 I wanted something more fruity so I made a Orange, Beet, Greens, Raspberries and Banana juice, which turned out quiet good.

Juice #4 was a straight watermelon juice but I only drank about a quarter of the glass… I don’t like watermelon juice… I forgot.

I feel pretty good overall, I keep having these aches in the kidneys area in the mornings when I just get up… feels like my back is hurting nut it’s more on the lower sides than the middle. It is not a bad pain, just a little discomfort. Not sure what it is… I did notice that this started happening when I started drinking more than 64 oz of water. Maybe it is my liver or kidneys detoxing… not sure.

That’s about all there is for today… Lateroony.


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