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Day 36: Juice Fasting – A Day Of Hard Labor & Lots Of Apple Juice

by Valik Rudd


A nice day of hard physical activity is exactly what I needed… Working all day on a small construction project in the back yard required a lot of energy, so this was going to be a test of how good the juices nourish the body so it can function in extreme situations. I say extreme because for my body that probably sits in an office chair 80% of the time, a little construction work is extreme.

I had a nice straight green apple juice for breakfast, which was not too sweet, just right actually. Gave me the energy to go through till about 11 o’clock without a problem. Then for juice #2, Jenni made me some Mean Green, and also for juice #3 at about 2 or 3 o’clock another glass of Mean Green. It got me through the day perfectly.

For juice #4 I just had another straight apple juice as I needed strength. All the work drained me of all the energy I had and I was ready to drop on a bed and fall asleep… but we needed to go to a birthday party so off we went.

I was no use there… I just fell on a couch and laid there all night, while Jenni had to feed the little one all this good food that she couldn’t have… She’s strong, like a rock!

I was going to have another juice when we came home but I was hurting everywhere and so decided to just have some water and go to sleep. I knew I was going to feel this even more in the morning.

Until tomorrow.


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