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Day 39: Juice Fasting – Mostly Vegetable Broth Day

by Valik Rudd


Still feeling pretty bad today… stomach pains, feeling sick and weak. After the morning Ginger Blast, which I shouldn’t have had, my stomach cramped up and started feeling worse. So after that I went to vegetable broth only for the day. Jenni made some amazing Borscht for lunch for the kids and I strained some broth from it and that was my lunch.

I also took the day off work and rested, taking a nice almost-2-hour nap. Waking up feeling better but still not 100%. More broth and then some raspberry tea with a little honey at night.

Really hoping to feel better in the morning. Ok chat tomorrow and thank you for reading my blog 🙂 Leave me some comments, let’s talk about this, or anything else you want to talk about… Do you have any questions for me? Maybe you are wondering why I am missing a tooth? Or what the little magnet says that is stuck to our refrigerator? Or maybe you want to know what screen size of my computer is that you saw in the background of my video? Anything, seriously, come on comment! 🙂

Thank you!


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