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Day 40: Juice Fasting – Still Sick

by Valik Rudd


The detox is still in effect and I thought it was all done in the morning but by noon I was back curled up on the couch. Back to broth I went. With the first juice of the day I really hoped that I was feeling good and the dy was going to be awesome. Jenni and I had an straight apple juice with a half a lemon. It tasted pretty good.

I got hungry about 11 o’clock again and light stomach pains returned but I thought it was just hunger pains… well I was hoping it was. After Juice #2, which was greens and carrots with apples and a sliver of ginger, the stomach pains returned and so I went back on broth for the rest of the day.

Couple of bowls of broth and a raspberry tea to finish off the day did it for me today. By the end of the day I was feeling better and went to sleep without a stomach ache so that is good. Hoping tomorrow will be a normal day, pain free. We will see for sure. Ok, chat tomorrow.


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