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Day 46: Juice Fasting – Back To Juicing & Pumpkin Pie Juice?

by Valik Rudd


Yeah, I did try to create a pumpkin pie juice but not from a pumpkin, from a butternut squash… maybe that was the problem lol. It was ok but not as I expected. I only drank half a glass and the kids finished it off at the expense of the glass… The little one dropped the glass on the floor and it shattered.

I am happy to say that my stomach is feeling great and I am really excited to get back to normal. Coming out of the water/liquid fast did not require much really… I just jumped right into juicing without a problem. It is technically a liquid too, maybe with a tiny bit more fiber in it than in tea and water.

Made 4 juices today so that puts me back into the groove. Will probably take me the rest of the juice fast to figure out which juices I like but will not have time to stick with them for too long. Actually I may just continue having them for my first 2 juices durring the raw and after.

My brother-in-law, Nathan Walters, was very nice to put together a few music loops for my videos and I am giving this first one a test drive on this video. Visit Nathan’s website at MultitoneMusik.com and thank him for his part in these glorious entertainment channel we call GeekGrass!

Only two days left on the juicing! Can’t wait for it to be over. Really want to chew something tasty!


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