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Day 47: Juice Fasting – How To Make Oregano & Thyme Tea!

by Valik Rudd


Almost done! Tomorrow is the last day of my juice fast! I can’t wait to bite into something tasty! Today I had some good juices and one really horrible one, but that is because I used too much wheatgrass. That stuff is potent! For my last juice, I actually had some tea… oregano & thyme tea to be exact.

How To Make Oregano & Thyme Tea

I wanted to show you this awesome tea I was introduced to by my friends Paul and Anna. They’ve been drinking this tea for a long time and after tasting it I was hooked… Not like hooked like addicted but I just really liked it. The sad part was that the ingredients that were in it came from asia and were hand picked by their friends. So I did not know if I would ever be able to have it on my own shelf.

I was determined to find out what was in it so after some research and translating the ingredients from Russian to English it turns out that it was Oregano and Thyme. Amazing! So I bought some fresh organic Oregano and Thyme at a local organic food store. I dried it out on the counter and now it is ready to steep and pour.

Watch the video above to see how I prepared my tea, and I will talk to you tomorrow!


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