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Day 48: Juicing Day 40, Last Day Of Juicing!!

by Valik Rudd


Wow, I can’t believe I stuck with it. This has been a hard thing to accomplish but I did it. It is not over yet, I still have 12 days of raw food to complete the 60-day project but I feel like the raw food is going to be awesome and am looking forward to it. In fact, I am not planning to stop eating raw food after the project is over, it is going to me my way of life now. I will include other cooked foods of course into my dinners but for breakfast and lunch, raw will be my regular.

Today was filled with sweet juices, well more sweet than before. I was rewarding my self, if you will, for completing this thing. I know tomorrow I will pay for this in the weight loss department but I think it’s ok. I can spare one pound lol.¬†For my last juice I actually had some borscht broth instead of juice. It was soo good!!

On the lighter note, let me tell you, I gripe about this juicing being a torture but I must say the results I got from it are stunning. I have lost 40 pounds! A lot of my weird sicknesses and diseases are healed and that is just the beginning. It was well worth it and I can tell you that I would do it again and again, in fact I am planning to do juice fasting every so often to maintain my food addiction issues. I know once I am back in the real world, there shall be sugar involved and that is my enemy numero uno. If I feel like I am getting addicted, juice fast, here I come. Or pasta for that matter, I know how it is.

Anyway, that’s about it for Juicing Day 40! I will see you tomorrow on the RAW Journey. Aaaahhh beautiful tomatoes!!! I am so going to bite into one tomorrow!!!


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