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Day 49: Juice Fasting – First Day Back On RAW!

by Valik Rudd


My first day back on raw food after my 40-day juice fast was great! I broke my fast with an apple. Chewing was an awesome experience. the texture and the feeling of chewing really adds to the flavor. It’s no juice, I’ll say that much.

For lunch I had some red, orange and yellow heirloom tomatoes with basil and chopped up garlic. I’ve been looking forward to those for days. I must say that I was pretty disappointed with the flavor… I remember them being very tasty but these were like raw potatoes. It is because I did not get organic ones. I was thrilled that they had these hairloom tomatoes at the store so I grabbed them without even checking if they were organic. They looked good but had no taste… just like most of the conventionally grown produce. I won’t make that mistake again. Because of this, we actually went on a organic produce shopping spree in the evening.

Before that though, I made a salad for me and the kids. It was my first attempt at making a dressing so it was not very successful. It was ok but the kids didn’t like it too much. Again, just like juice, tomatoes just are not good in any other form than tomatoes. They need to be eaten whole or cooked I guess but juicing them and blending them ruins them. This is in my opinion, you might like it I don’t know.

Check ou the video above to see what $160ish worth of organic produce looks like. You’ll be surprised that it is really not that much. Ok, Until tomorrow! Stay health focused!


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