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Day 50: Juice Fasting – Simple Salad & Simple Raw Salad Dressing

by Valik Rudd


This is day 2 of me back on raw food after my 40-day juice fast. Raw food is so good! It is nice to get to chew things again, the texture sure adds to the flavor. I made a simple salad with a raw salad dressing that I picked up from watching all the raw food videos on YouTube.

For breakfast I just had an orange and then for lunch I made a big salad. It was actually not all just for me, I was making it for the kids too so a big salad was appropriate. I shredded a bunch of veggies we had into a nice salad. I just wanted all of these different vegetables so I had to include them in there. For a dressing I simply blended together 3 oranges and a cup of dried plums. Very simple but so healthy and good tasting!! You should try that. 🙂


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