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Day 59: Juice Fasting Exit – Raw Pear Avocado Salad

by Valik Rudd


Today, just a simple pear avocado salad. This one didn’t make it on the best list in our family. It was still good for us while we ate it. There was just not enough contrast in flavors… was kind of bland. It needed something salty in there… something spicy maybe. I don’t know, you may like it.

You know…. I was just thinking, maybe if I just followed the recipe from the book it might have came out better, hehe. This recipe book I am using as inspiration is me best Raw Food recipe book that I’ve found. If you are starting on raw food, you must get this book. Almost every recipe in there is awesome and most inspire and give ideas on other ways of using ingredients. Follow the link on the right to check it out at Amazon.

Another day in my juice fasting project, the day before last to be exact. It is pretty exciting to be almost done with the 60 days. The blog days are getting filled in. Kinda of like reaching a milestone. Well, I guess it is actually.

This day started like always with an apple, then followed by a banana spinach smoothie, which I just did a video on and it is going out to the newsletter subscribers. If you are not subscribed yet, make sure to do so in the right sidebar right here. You will receive it on day 5 so watch for it.

Looking forward to tomorrow, the last day! Chat then.

~ Valik


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