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Day 61 Update: Birthday Party Food while on a Diet

by Valik Rudd


There is almost nothing harder than being at a birthday party while on a diet. All the amazing food everyone is eating, the smell is crazy good and everyone is having a good time. You, on the other hand, are munching on a salad.

No it’s really not that bad. We went to a birthday party today but we pre planned for it. We brought extra salad to make sure there would be plenty for us to fill our plate with. The mentality is the main thing, if you psych your self up for this and pre-plan, this can be an easy thing. One thing is to change how you view food. Usually you have your meat and potatoes as the main meal and then a side salad. Well, now it flips, the salad becomes the main meal and the meat and potatoes become the sides. When you do this, you can have almost any food at the party and still keep the diet under control. Of course I am not talking about all the diets but the one I am on anyway.

My diet is kinda weird, it is not really any particular one but the main thing is it is mostly RAW FOOD. I am trying to keep my food about 80% raw as much as possible. My breakfast and lunch are close to 100% raw and then dinner gets to have some cooked foods, probably about 20% or so.

At the party, I ate mostly salad and then had 4 fish fillet sticks (minimally processed, no artificial ingredients and no preservatives, got it at Costo). Also had about half a cup of angel hair pasta and about 8 small shrimps. Normally, my plan is to stay away from shell fish and pork but this shrimp looked so good I had to have a little. 🙂

Sweets is a whole other ball game. I had to plan on not having any at all, so I did (plan). Then I broke down and had 2 small mini-pumpkin pie pieces. I really wanted to have some more and had to fight myself to not. I am happy to report that I succeeded and I did not have any more.

Breakfast was an apple in the morning and then the banana-spinach smoothie a couple of hours later. For lunch we had raw nori rolls. That has become one of our favorites so I will need to find a place to buy nori in bulk.

We also did a nice 30-minute cardio exercise session. It was awesome, my pulse was up the whole time and i was sweating by the time we were done. I already wrote a post about this before and I really recommend it. This does not require any gizmos or equipment, just your computer and some space next to it. Check into it, you may like this. The downloadable videos are only like $3 each. Read more about it: Juicing Weight Loss Boost

That will be it for today. I hope you can survive your birthday party feast and come out healthy on the other side.

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Chat tomorrow.

~ Valik


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