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Raw Food Day 62: Asian Almond Butter Raw Dipping Sauce

by Valik Rudd


The almond butter dipping sauce I’ve been telling you about is finally done. I’ve perfected the recipe and just got done making a video on it. This sauce is soo good. It is perfect for dipping the vegetable nori rolls into it, and even just vegetables by them selves. Carrots, cucumbers, celery and even mushrooms.

This day started just like any other day, with an apple. Well first I downed 2 – 16 oz bottles of water and then had an apple. Later, about 11 o’clock we had the banana spinach smoothie. As you probably know, this routine has become our regular. I did cut the apples out of the smoothie though and it made it not as sweet but still tasting wonderful.

Again, today I did a 30-minute cardio/strength exercises. I’ve been wanting to do the cardio because it gets my blood pumping and gives it a weight loss boost but also wanted to exercise my muscles to get a little bit of that going so I decided that instead of doing the cardio 3 times, I would only repeat it twice and then would do some pushups, sit-ups and other muscle building exercises the last 10 minutes. This should accomplish both within the 30 minutes I have.

For lunch, Jenni’s been really wanting more of those raw nori rolls so that is what we had. We were running out of the almond butter sauce so it was perfect time for me to make the video on how to make it. Like I said the recipe and the video is only going to be available to the subscribers of my Newsletter, so subscribe if you have not done so yet. Subscribe using the form on the right sidebar on this page.

Dinner was amazing… I finally got to have some boiled red potatoes. I’ve been wanting this for so long. I had 3 small potatoes. I also made some cooked cabbage with mushrooms. This dish is normally made with ground beef or pork but I did not want to use that so I fried up some mushrooms with onions and added them to the cabbage and it was perfect! There was not enough so maybe tomorrow I’ll make a double portion. The kids loved it and a couple of them don’t even like mushrooms.

So I would say this dinner meal was about 50% raw, but over all, today, I think, was about a 80% raw day.

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Talk to you tomorrow! Have a great day!

~ Valik


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