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My Day 64 Weight Loss Update

by Valik Rudd


It’s a Saturday and it is day 64 weight loss update. Today I am having a bit of cooked food for dinner again…. Well actually if you watch the video, it was mostly cooked food. The rest of the day was raw and I also decided to supplement my meals with some Kale juice to saturate my body with chlorophyl and all kinds of awesome nutrients.

My thinking is that if I fill my body with a bunch of nutrients that it needs I will crave less stuff like nuts and honey for instance. I’ve noticed that I’ve been craving that for the last few days… but remember that when I was on the juice fast I did not crave anything really. I think it was because my body had everything it needed already and did not ask for anything else. Hoping this juice boost will fill my body’s nutritional needs. I had 3 kale leafs and 1 large carrot in the lunch juice and 4 kale leafs and 1 smaller carrot in the dinner one.

At lunch I had a nice mixed veggies salad with the best raw dressing I made a few days ago… we actually ran out of it so I made some more. This dressing is a hit in our house so it is definitely on our favorites list.

For dinner I had a bit of split pea soup Jenni made, a half of a boiled potato and some left over cabbage & mushrooms from yesterday. It was 100% cooked food but it’s ok. It was Saturday, lol.

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Chat later.

~ Valik


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