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My Day 65 Weight Loss Update: Date Night

by Valik Rudd


Although a “Date Night”, I still feel pretty guilty for eating so much cooked food today. But let me tell you, it was sooo good! For breakfast I had my favorite breakfast, and then Jenni and I were out all day hanging out, having Indian food for lunch and nice grilled salmon for dinner.

I’ve had this breakfast every day for the last 2 years or so and it is my favorite breakfast of all. It is 2 scrambled eggs (one whole, one just egg white), 1 cup of broccoli sauted in a little butter, salt and garlic powder, and about half cup of black beans. That has been my breakfast all that time, and it is a large one. Today, although I made the regular amount of it, I ate about half of it and gave the rest to the kids. They devoured it in about 3 seconds.

Anna and Vlad, Jenni’s sister and her husband, were so generous today, they offered to sit with the kids all day at our place and even took us out to dinner by giving us some money. We are blessed with the bestest friends in the world. So we took off as soon as they got to our house.

The first stop was Top of India restaurant on Sprague. We’ve been wanting to go there for a long time but never really had a chance to yet, so this was a perfect time. They had their lunch buffet so we could actually see what food they have and try some different stuff, so we know what to order next time off the menu. I tried a spoon of each of Chicken Curry, Butter Chicken and some Potato Curry, with a little rice and Naan. My favorite was Butter Chicken so I left the other two on the plate and went for more of it. Didn’t want to waste space in the stomach on things I didn’t like. Now I know that when we come there for dinner Butter Chicken is what we are having.

After hanging out together all day, which was awesome by the way, we got hungry so we went down-town to The Davenport Hotel. It is probably the fanciest hotel in the city with a beautiful court area, not even sure what to call it, there are a bunch of couches there where we spent about an hour just sitting and talking. They have a restaurant in there called the Palm Court Grill, so that is where we had dinner. I had a Caesar salad and then a Grilled Teriyaki Salmon and Jenni had Grilled Cheese sandwich with a Caesar salad. It was suppose to be grilled cheese sandwiches with w tomato bisque soup but she changed that to a salad instead. This was really good food.

We ate and went exploring the hotel… we found these amazing looking rooms, like meeting or ballrooms, crazy elegant, like something from a ferry-tale. I have never seen anything like this in my life. I was stunned.

That is all for our Date Night Sunday… I am not expecting to lose any pounds in the morning that is for sure.

Until next time.

~ Valik


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