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Day 66 Weight Loss Update & What’s In My Refrigerator, Butter?

by Valik Rudd


Want to see what’s inside my fridge? Today I take you on a tour of my refrigerator so you can see what we eat. Even though you do see what I eat on daily basis it is still fun to peek inside someone’s refrigerator. You will see that I do have butter in it…

First I’ll get the daily update out of the way and then we’ll check out the fridge. After a big eating day yesterday, today was going to be my light, all-raw eating day. In the morning I had an apple and then a few hours later I made me a Kale, Cucumber, Carrots and Apple juice. I think I will try sneaking a juice into my days, maybe instead of that banana spinach smoothie.

For lunch I had a bunch of salad with our most favorite best raw dressing. Later for dinner I wrapped that same salad into a spring roll wrap and called it a spring roll. This was a pretty light eating day and not too much exciting food going on so I thought to add something fun to the day and show you guys what’s inside my refrigerator.

If you peeked into my refrigerator you would see that besides a stick of butter that’s been sitting there for a while, some sour cream, half a jar of salsa, a box of eggs and some sauces everything else is just vegetables. This is how it’s been for over 2 months now. From when we started the raw food revolution in our house in September to now, our refrigerator has been a vegetarian for the most part.

The freezer is also stuffed with good stuff, frozen raspberries, strawberries, cherries and broccoli. We’ve worked on getting healthy for the last few years and actually tried going vegetarian at one point. That is when I started a blog called SkipMeat.com. If was good but didn’t last too long before we started having meat again, but there are some really good recipes there on that blog. I think this is why it is important not to limit your self too much and label your self into any kind of group too quickly. Thinking healthy and slowly making small changes in your lifestyle until you finally realize hey, I am vegetarian, or hey I am a raw foodist, or whatever. I am not sure where I fit in yet as I still like to have my fish and probably a stake once every few months or so.

So take it easy and focus on health.

Until next time.

~ Valik


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