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Day 68: Calories, Spring Rolls vs Nori Rolls & Jenni Making Mean Green

by Valik Rudd


I had no idea spring rolls and nori rolls had such big difference when it comes to calories. I don’t think we’ll be eating much of one of them any more. This is after we stuffed our selves with it, we check the label to see, “I wonder how many calories we just consumed”…

It was a stressful morning for me and I was super busy, so Jenni, being the most wonderful wifey in the world, took it upon her self not to just make me a Mean Green juice but to also tape it for me so I can add it to the video. I had an apple in the morning and then this juice. She put a little too much ginger in it so it was super spicy. I was still able to drink it down but it was a punch in the face type of flavor, lol.

Twelve o’clock exercises were awesome. After 20 minutes of cardio I did some sit-ups and push-ups. I tried to push my self to do more than I was comfortable with because I read that for muscle to grow, you need to extend it’s capabilities so it sees that it needs more strength and starts growing more. If you do what is comfortable and don’t push your self, the muscles will not grow because they can complete the tast with existing muscles, why would they grow more. So yeah, that is what I was trying to do.

For lunch we had nori rolls and they are not the ones that are packed with colories, it is actually the spring rolls. We found out that 2 of those spring roll wrappers are 300+ calories. We had like 4 or 5 yesterday.. thinking they were so ok for us. I mean they are just thin see through sheets made of rice. Yeah, rice flower… same thign as rice noodles… almost same as PASTA! I should have thought about that.. but I guess I chose not to because we liked them. Anyway, as comparison to that, nori rolls only have 1o calories. This is 10 calories per sheet, and the sheets we have are half sheets so that would be 2 of the half sheets equal 10 calories. Sounds good to me…we’ll be having more of those for sure. Plus they have iodine in them which is also good for you.

For dinner we kinda had a treat, fish tostadas. We’ve been wanting fish tacos ever since the kids had them at Carl’s Jr while we were still on the juice fast. Finaly we had some… well even though it is technically a tostada, the ingredients are the same. It’s just a flat shell rather than like a taco shell. Anyway with some taco sauce over it, it was perfect!

That’s about it for today.

Chat tomorrow.

~ Valik


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