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Weight Loss Day 67 Food Diary: 2 New Recipes Coming

by Valik Rudd


We ran out of the Raw Almond Butter Asian Veggie Dip so I decided to create a different one, a creamy garlic one. It came out really delicious! There are still things I want to adjust in it and as soon as I perfect it I will make a video about that and post a recipe for you guys. The second thing I made is some Rosemary Crackers/Breads.

I don’t have a dehydrator yet so I am using the oven to do that, which is not working quiet perfectly but it is doing the job ok. I think I put a little too much flax seeds in it and so it made it a bit more chewy than I would like it to be so that one is also going to be perfected before I add the recipe to the blog.

Today I had a “Nice Green” juice for “brunch”, instead of the banana spinach smoothie we’ve been having last week. I am trying to take it light this week to see how it will effect my weight loss. I am also adding 4 days of 30 minute cardio/strength exercises. So Saturday will show what it does to my weight loss, if it will go down some more or just maintain. I figure, from what I’ve been seeing, that is I exercise before the weigh in day, my weight stays or goes up, but if I exercise and then have one day of no exercise, the weight goes down, I think because the muscles have a day to relax and release the water and inflammation from the exercises. That’s my theory at this point anyway. We’ll see what the scales will tell me on Saturday.

Lunch was just a mixed veggies salad with our favorite raw salad dressing, I think I can call it Raw Italian Salad Dressing, because it does have Oregano and Garlic in it, so we’ll call it that from now on. Also had some grape tomatoes and some avocado slices.

For Dinner we had the same salad but this time we wrapped it in a spring roll and dipped them into the awesome garlic dip/sauce I made. That and some grape tomatoes and sliced mushrooms, complemented with some of the dehydrated breads (as they were not quiet dehydrated yet to be crackers, still a bit chewy, like bread).

Nice light day over all. Thank you for reading my update 🙂

Talk to you tomorrow.

~ Valik


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