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Day 69 Weight Loss Food Diary

by Valik Rudd


Another day of raw food plus a semi-raw dinner. A simple green juice for breakfast included kale, spinach and green apples. Followed by some nori rolls and finished off by fish tacos for dinner, well technically, they were tostadas but who really cares.

Like always, I chugged down a couple 16 oz. bottles of water before I had anything in the morning and then had an apple. This usually carries me through to about 11 o’clock which is when I have my “breakfast” juice. This week I am trying to take it light so I am having juices for breakfast instead of my banana spinach smoothie. Today’s juice was just a simple kale, spinach and green apples juice. It was really green and was pretty tasty.

Before lunch I did 30 minutes of exercising. That would make it 4 times this week. Tomorrow, I am going to skip the exercises so my muscles can rest before the weigh in on Saturday.

For lunch we keep having nori rolls. I keep thinking that there must be something wrong with them because we are enjoying them so much but so far, I have not come up with a reason they can be bad for us, so I think we are going to continue having them for lunch until we get sick of them….. which can take a while because they are so good. I also made a new batch of the Asian Almond Butter Raw Dip Sauce and tried something new, I added some garlic to it and it came out really good. Jenni didn’t like it though as much as the last one. I guess I need to quit messing with the recipe.

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For dinner we had the same Fish tacos from last night…They were soo good! Maybe not as good for me as, say, carrots but they were very delicious!

That’s about it for today. I will talk to you tomorrow.

~ Valik


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