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Day 70 Weight Loss Update: Drink Water, Lose Weight

by Valik Rudd


Before I started my weight loss journey I heard that you must have a bunch of water every day but any time I tried to follow that rule I realized that I just can’t possibly consume that much water so I just quit trying. As you probably already know a little saying, “Drink Water = Lose Weight“. On my raw food and the juice fast I figured out how to get at least 64 oz of water down, without too much effort either.

It’s just another day in my raw-till-dinner journey. It started with 32 oz of water, followed by an apple. Later, for “breakfast”, instead of a banana spinach smoothie or a juice of any kind I just decided to have some sugar peas we had in the refrigerator. Those things are really good and are vegetables so that is also cool.

For lunch we had some more vegetable salad with sides of mushrooms, slices of apples and some grape tomatoes. I also had 2 olives for flavor contrast which are always amazing.

Before dinner, I chugged down another 16 oz bottle of water and then we had some nori rolls. These are one of our favorite and regular meals so you will and probably already have seen a lot of it.

Drink Water = Lose Weight, But How To Do It?

To get back to the water drinking, through my weight loss days I’ve figured out how to make sure, or make it easier anyway, to drink at least 64 oz of water per day. The toughest thing is to get the whole 64 oz if you don’t start in the very morning and down a big chunk of it before you even begin your day. It is also good to flush your self out and get your insides ready for a day of eating.

Before I even eat anything in the morning, I chug down two 16 oz bottles of water, which gives me 32 oz for the day. I find it pretty easy to do by drinking half a bottle at a time. It is very nice to have either bottled water or have some sort of a measuring container to measure your water and break it up into batches of 16 oz.

Before lunch I try to get another bottle down to get me up to 48 oz. This is really not that hard once you make it a habit and also replace any other sugary drinks with water. To get me up to 64 oz, I drink another bottle before dinner. This would complete my minimum daily intake of water but I try to get yet one more bottle in before bed to get me up to 80 oz.

If you are on a weight loss program, remember “Drink Water = Lose Weight“, not drinking enough water will sabotage your weight loss so it is important to work a routine for this into your days. I am saying this from my own experience. When I did not drink at least 3 bottles, my weight loss would stall. When I would drink 4 or 5 it got back on track.

So remember to drink your water!

Until tomorrow.

~ Valik


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