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Weight Loss Day 71: Raw Bacon Bits, Savory Cereal & Almond Milk

by Valik Rudd


That is a lot of information all in one video. I did not get a chance to do a video on Saturday so I made this video on Monday to fill in this day slot. To make it interesting, I show you my latest experiments.

While trying to make some raw crackers, I made them too thin so they got stuck to the wax paper and as I tried to remove them they all broke up and so we have cereal of sorts. I didn’t want to waste all this goodness so I ried to come up with some uses for it.

Jenni suggested sprinkling some over my salad to add some texture and crunch to it and it was genius. I think we’ll be doing that for a while and might run out real quick.

I had some almond milk around that I just made a day ago or so and so I poured it over some of this “cereal” and ti was great too. I think I invented savory cereal… All raw, all vegetables (and sunflower seeds). Now don’t steel my idea!

Make sure to watch the video!!

Chat tomorrow.

~ Valik


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