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Weight Loss Day 72: Sunday, Cooked Food Day

by Valik Rudd


Sunday is a cooked food day and a day when I can have any food I like. Last sunday we had amazing Indian food so I’ve been looking forward to having it again this sunday.

We actually took the kids and hung out with them today, showed them the fancy Davenport hotel/restaurant that we went to last sunday. They really liked their grilled cheese sandwiches. I had a Davenport salad and the kids were generous and gave me a little of their grilled cheese sandwich. The salad was amazing!

After hanging out all day we had dinner at the Indian restaurant. Their Butter Chicken and the Naan bread is soo good!! We had some left overs too so we’ll be having those tomorrow for dinner I think.

Ok, that’s all for today, chat tomorrow.

~ Valik


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