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Weight Loss Day 75: Blueberry Muffins & What’s Jicama?

by Valik Rudd


A while ago when I was still on the juice fast, Jenni made these beautiful blueberry muffins, and they smelled soo good but I could not have any, all I could do was breath the aroma in as deeply as I could. Well today, Jenni made a bunch of them for the Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow and there was enough for us to have today so I got to have one… no actually it was two… or maybe even three, but I won’t tell.

Today’s breakfast started just like every other day did, with an apple and then at 11 o’clock I had a Green Lemonade, which I am getting pretty used to and is going to be making a lot of appearances in our videos. For lunch I had a salad and for dinner, another salad but I also boiled us some eggs because I’ve been wanting some boiled eggs for a while. Tasted really good with my salad.

While in the store yesterday or the day before, I don’t remember, I found a Jicama. I’ve been wanting to try it for a while and here it was, so I bought one. Looking up some recipes for it, there wasn’t many that I found and the two that were anything that I felt like doing was adding it to my salad or making french fries out of it.

A Jicama, i found out, has a texture like an apple, and the flavor is also like an apple but less sweetness and it is pronounced hee-ca-ma, not gee-ca-ma as I thought.

I did make a few french fries to try but added the rest to the salad. For the french fries I just cut the Jicama into long french-fries-shape strips and added some olive oil over it and some BBQ spice I had. Tossed it to cover all the pieces and that’s it. I did not like the flavor and neither did the kids. It’s like eating an apple with BBQ spices on it. It did disappear in the salad though, so really, unless you need a filler for the salad I do not see a reason to buy or use it really.

That was my day. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving so Happy Thanksgiving to all if I do not do a video tomorrow.

~ Valik


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