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Weight Loss Day 80, Juice Fasting Phase II, Day 1

by Valik Rudd


Today is the day Phase II of my Juice Fasting starts. It is Day 1 again and I have about 24 days to go. I lost 45 pounds in Phase I and am determined to lose another 20 in Phase II before Christmas.

That will be crazy… and unreal. I know I will do it no doubt but it just feels unreal that I will be in the 210’s before Christmas. I have never been that light as long as I remember weighing my self. The lowest I remember ever being was 220. That is why 220 is going to be my next milestone. As I am 236 today, this goal should be just around the corner, I just need to make sure I stay on track.

I am very excited to start this Phase II… all the pigging out right before made me feel lousy, I couldn’t wait to start the juice fast. Today though, I feel great, clean and full of energy. I feel healthy!

Another thing I wanted to say is that after Phase I and eating raw food after it with a Juice for breakfast in the mix, I have figured out good juices that do not make me want to toss my cookies. It is perfect, I have a perfect juice for breakfast, which is the Lemon Ginger Blast and then for lunch and dinner, (which are actually 3 juices and not 2), is the Green Lemonade. Green Lemonade is very good because it is full of greens which energize the body and fill it with all the nutrients it needs, plus it tastes really good. I have it at least twice per day. The plan is to have it 3 times but we’ll see.

So, who’s with me on this Juice Fasting journey? Are you up for it? Just think…45 pounds in 50 days… 50 DAYS!!! you can almost count that on your fingers… well you and 4 friends.

Tell me what your plan is in the comments… I want to hear it. I want you to hear it.

~ Valik


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